Inbound Call Center Services

We offer a globally competitive Customer Service Services that offers a wide array of practical, up-to-the minute solutions to all your outsourcing demands.

Through personalized care and focus on the unique needs of every customer, we can give a service that is fast and reliable. Through the years our plug in services are distinguishing itself as one of the most-trusted call centers in Saint Lucia

  • Optimized Customer Service
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Onshore and Offshore Support
  • Save the Sale Driven
  • Cross-Selling and Up Selling

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Outbound Call Center Services

Velox Performance offers outbound sales strategies and optimization solutions. Your business will benefit greatly from a multi-tiered call center outsourcing service, designed to meet your needs.

We believe that to understand your business and products we must work in partnership. Through this relationship, our services will help your business benefit from increased brand awareness, market share and revenue.

  • Partial/Data Cart Abandonment
  • Order Confirmation
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Gen / Appointment Setting
  • Consumer / B2B Sales

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Email and Chat Support

To achieve the best customer service experience, we believe a combination of phone, chat, and email support work most effectively.

Our highly trained email and chat agents provide excellent online customer support, and our efforts to keep response time dramatically low always ensures customer satisfaction.

  • 24/7 Support Hours Available
  • Advanced Ticketing Systems
  • Fast and Easy Integrations
  • Timely Responses
  • Affordable Rates

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Call Center Sales Verification

Velox Performance has a highly developed and experienced quality team who has successfully turned around problematic marketing schemes’ and call centers worldwide.

Through the combination of detailed reporting, consentient training and feedback we have developed and maintained a strong ethical sales team and we are always prepared to find a workable marketing solution to any problem. More and more companies are finding the value of allowing a 3rd party company maintain their quality service level. Find out why today.

  • Don’t Pay for a Bad Sale Again
  • Fraud Protection
  • 100% Feedback on your Call Center Sales
  • Customer Reporting

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Chargeback Representment

It has become too easy for consumers to dispute card not present transactions. How much can your business realistically recover?

Our services help you claim back this loss, and can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars each year. Everyone is claiming there’s, let us help claim yours.

  • 50 to 70% Win Back Rate
  • Professional Letter Responses
  • Pre-Notification Alerts
  • Reporting Made Simple
  • Manage your Alerts

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Fraud Protection

Velox Performance  has a dedicated quality team who listens, grades and verifies we meet and exceed our client’s quality standards. These quality team services are included as a company standard for all of our services.

We deliver a program that is tailored to suit each client providing them with multiple service strategies, quality fit requirements, analytical reports, networking connection and security, integrated with high-level training modules for call agents and staff.

  • Integrated Protection Options
  • Gateway Concierge Services
  • Up Sell / Cross Sell
  • 24/7 Monitoring Services
  • Sales Verification

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